Novosad Brewery Pub, glass factory, brewery spa, excursions, brewery pub for up to 250 people

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The Brewery Pub has a capacity of 180 seats and serves traditional Czech and International cuisine including a wide range of beer specialties eg Home-Made Beer Cheese, Roast Wursts in Dark Beer, Traditional Pork Knee or Marinated Spareribs ....

The interior is in a typical pub style with a good atmosphere, good cuisine and attentive staff making the pub a favourite place for not only individual guests in Harrachov and the Giant Mountains but also for group or company events. For company events we can offer different programmes or organise anything on your request.

Directly in the pub is the brewery so guests can enjoy a special degustation of malt extract with or without rum. Brewing of the beer is finished in the cellar which can also be observed from glassworks hall.

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