Novosad Brewery Pub, glass factory, brewery spa, excursions, brewery pub for up to 250 people

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''NOVOSAD'' Brewery Pub in Harrachov is part of the oldest private glass factory in Bohemia ''NOVOSAD & SON'' (established before 1712).


A typical brewery pub with its own beer production (beer is brewed here in front of the pub guests). What’s more the pub is connected to the glassworks enabling its guests to take very interesting tours around the glass factory.


HARRACHOV YEAST BEER offers a unique taste and a very high quality.
Only the best and traditional ingredients are used for its production such as the well known local hop and malt.
Thanks to local water which comes from a mountain spring over 100 hundred years old, this beer is super healthy.

There are two beers brewed here: a Light Beer called Frantisek Lager Beer 12° and a Dark Beer called Certak 12° (Devil´s Beer). Beer is served in stylish glasses produced in the attached glassworks. The Brewery and Glass Factory are a favourite destination for visitors to the Giant Mountains and also a suitable venue for company events and group programmes in connection with a visit to the glassworks.
There is Live Music every weekend in the evening - for dancing or simply listening. In the pub you can also buy small gifts such as beer glasses.


We would like to invite you to visit us with our traditional brewery greeting:

''God Grant You Happiness''