Novosad Brewery Pub, glass factory, brewery spa, excursions, brewery pub for up to 250 people

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Brewery – restaurant Novosad in Harrachov is a part of the oldest privately owned glass factory in Bohemia, ''Novosad & Son'' (established before 1712)

This typical brewery pub with a its stylish atmosphere is attractive for its own brewery (observable to the guests). The pub is connected to the glassworks enabling its guests to see glass production.

During its short history this small beer brewery  has received a few awards,including two prestigious ''Golden Beer Seals'' during the Beer Festival in Tabor in 2011 and 2012 and in Liberec in 2008 and 2011! Both awards led to the creation of the ''Frantisek'' Light Lager.There are also other awards in the category for microbreweries and yeast beers.


In the area of Novosad Glass Factory and Microbrewery every July TRADITIONAL BEER FESTIVALS are held